Fishin’ Talk: Frantisek Zderka (SK)

Frantisek is a veteran tournament angler. Since 2014 he has been travelling throughout Europe to fish tournaments, make new friends but most importantly, enjoy Hobie kayak fishing! See what he has to say about tournament fishing.

You fished the venue before. What do you think of the fishing at the Vinkeveense Plassen?
Yes, I have been there before. In 2014 I was there for my first Hobie Worlds. I really enjoyed fishing there. Vinkeveense Plassen belongs to my favourite fishing spots, which I visited. It has a lot of beautiful places, where you can catch nice fish.

You fish a lot of tournaments, what do you like about tournament fishing?
I love the tournament atmosphere. On every tournament Hobie provides good organisation and guys from Hobie Europe are always helpful. Attending tournaments means meeting new wonderful people, sharing amazing moments, meeting my old friends from around the world and of course being part of the big Hobie family.

How do you prepare for a tournament?
Honestly, I don’t have a lot of time to preparing, because the predator season just started in Slovakia. During the summer I’m planning to go fishing a lot!  We don’t have such beautiful water as the Vinkeveense Plassen here is Slovakia. None of the lakes here is as deep but I’ll try my best. I’ll visit the best dams in Slovakia, for example: Liptovska Mara, Orava dam, Zemplinska Sirava. Those belong to my favourite fishing spots! I’m dissapointed that zander isn’t a target fish in this years tournament, as zander is my favorite species to fish for. I hope that I’ll be in my top shape on the tournament, but we will see what the water brings :-).

What was your most special moment in a tournament? What made this moment special?
Every Hobie tournament brings special moments, because of that I don’t really have a number one. I like to remember my first Hobie Fishing Euro’s in the Netherlands in 2014 where the first fish I caught was a carp. I always smile when I think about this moment. I also enjoy memories about the Hobie Fishing Worlds 2016 in Louisiana, where I caught beautiful Redfish. I really enjoy every single tournament. Those three days where I’m surrounded by my friends are itself the best moment I can have from any Hobie tournament.