Last weekend, a total of 57 anglers travelled down from 10 different countries to Vinkeveen to participate in the Hobie Fishing Euro´s 2017. What was on the line this weekend? Well, the European title, 2 Hobie Fishing Worlds qualification spots, and lots of great prizes provided by our amazing sponsors: Lowrance, C-MAP, Power-Pole, Mustad, Daiwa, Westin, Hobie Polarized, Gerber, High 5 Lures, Storm Lures and Aftco.

Competitors had the opportunity to pre fish on Friday after which there was a Hotdog dinner before the Captains Briefing took place that evening. Everybody was welcomed and the tournament procedures explained.

Competition day 1 was a wet day. Quite some rain came down in the morning before it cleared up in the afternoon. BY 3:00PM all anglers returned safely to the check-in and it was clear a lot of fish was caught this day. The Judges went to do the scoring and the results were announced in the evening after a delicious barbecue at VVP verhuur. Felix Frey, for Sweden caught the most centimetres (300) during day 1. Albin Falk was in second place (243 cm) and the top three was finished with Tomasz Kunrik from Poland with 218 centimeters.

What would the second day bring for the competitors? At least it started out beautiful. There was almost no wind and a beautiful sunrise when the competitors crossed the starting line onto the Vinkeveense Plassen. The wind started to pick up at noon, with a surprise storm coming in around 2:30 PM. All anglers returned safely in time and got themselves ready for the award ceremony held at The Plashoeve later that night.

Everybody found a place on the terrace of the Plashoeve when Gero Priebe started the award giving ceremony. He stood before a table full of great prizes he was going to give away. Starting with the Biggest Fish award, a 100 centimeter pike caught on day one by Mike Hendirks (DE).

The top 10 looked like this:

  1. Mike Hendriks – 248 cm
    9. Mads Søe – 251 cm
    8. Ronald Traas – 260 cm
    7. Piotr Wojnowski – 269 cm
    6. Dennis Skou – 276 cm
    5. Helmut Schoddel – 290 cm
    4. Tomasz Kurnik – 295 cm

Daniel van der Post from the Netherlands made a enormous leap in the ranking with his superb second day placing him 3rd among this strong competitors field. In total he caught 345 centimeters of fish over two days.

Felix Frey from Sweden finished in second place. He managed to get a total of 371 centimeters of fish combined over the two days. After his great first day, he just couldn’t get the fish aboard on the second day. Finishing second place, he qualified for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 7.

The winner and new Hobie Fishing European Champion of 2017 is Albin Falk from Sweden. Fishing two solid days on the hard waters of the Vinkeveense Plassen he measured 458 centimeters of fish!

“Wow! This is so cool! I’m European Champion! It is so cool that I was the best of all these amazing anglers this weekend.” Albin says. “I’m proud to represent my country during the Hobie Fishing Worlds held in Sweden, my home country, together with my best friend.”

And that were the 4th Hobie Fishing European Championships powered by Lowrance & C-MAP. This event was not possible without the amazing help of our great sponsors and partners: Lowrance, C-MAP, Hobie Polarized, Westin, Mustad, Gerber, High 5 Lures, Power-Pole, Storm, Aftco and Daiwa. Thank you all for providing prizes and goodies for the competitors!

Also a special thanks to Irma and her team from VVP Verhuur for your hospitality and  amazing help during the event!

And last but not least. Thanks toeverybody who travelled down to Vinkeveen to be a part of this wonderful group of people and compete in the 4th Hobie Fishing Euro’s. We had a blast! We hope to see you guys again!

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With great pleasure, we introduce the 2017 Hobie Fishing European Champion… Mr. Albin Falk from Sweden. Albin caught a total of 458centimeters of fish over two days on the Vinkeveense Plassen, which put him above the other 56 competitors winning the title of European Champion!

“Wow! This is so cool! I’m European Champion! It is so cool that I was the best of all these amazing anglers this weekend.” Albin says. “I can represent my country during the Hobie Fishing Worlds held in Sweden, my home country, together with my best friend.”

Winning the 4th Hobie Fishing European Championships powered by Lowrance & C-MAP earns him a spot for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 7, including an airticket voucher. Besides that he received an amazing prize package supplied by our sponsors Lowrance, C-MAP, Westin, Daiwa, Aftco, Powerpole, Hobie Polarized, High 5 Lures, Mustad, Gerber and Storm Lures.

Runner up of HFE4 and the second qualifier for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 7 is  Felix Frey from Sweden. An amount of 371 centimeters secured the second place for him.

“It just didn’t worked out today like it did yesterday. But I have to say that Albin worked very hard for the title and he really deserves it.” Felix tells us. “I still got the best prize on the table, I qualified for the Hobie Fishing Worlds! YES!”

Daniel van der Post launched himself in the top three with 267 centimeter on day two, totaling an amount of 345 centimeter.

The rest of the top 10 is as follows:

  1. Tomasz Kurnik – 295 cm
  2. Helmut Schoddel – 290 cm
  3. Dennis Skou – 276 cm
  4. Piotr Wojnowski – 269 cm
  5. Ronald Traas – 260 cm
  6. Mads Søe – 251 cm
  7. Mike Hendriks – 248 cm

Mike Hendriks didn’t only end up in the top 10, he also caught the biggest fish of this weekend. Mike landed a 100 centimeter Pike on day one.

The competitors kayaked through the starting line this morning to access the tournament arena for the second and last day of the 4th Hobie Fishing European Championship powered by Lowrance & C-MAP. Instead of having to start in rain like yesterday. The anglers were given a beautiful sunrise. This together with very low wind made the conditions more pleasurable. Felix Frey, leader after day one, hopes his plan will succeed another day. “Everything worked out yesterday. I hope today will be the same”.

It wasn’t long before the first catch reports were coming in. The youngest competitor Bastien Beynet hooked into a pike right in front of our photographer. “It’s a great feeling to hook into a pike early. I proves my chosen strategy works.“

Coming into the afternoon, the wind started to gain strength which made the conditions harder and forced competitors to change their plan and find sheltered areas. A few came in early but the most were still out and trying to get those last minute centimeters. At 3:00PM all anglers returned safely and went off to put away all their gear to head over to the award giving ceremony held in De Plashoeve.

Check out the full results

Check out the Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery HFE4 Comp day two

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Check out the photos from the second and last day of the 4th Hobie Fishing European Championships powered by Lowrance & C-MAP.


After a short night, the anglers were enjoying a delicious breakfast at VVP verhuur followed by the morning briefing. The latest weather update for the anglers was way better than pre fish day. Winds from 2-3 Bft and a little bit of drizzle during the day. When the briefing finished, all anglers went out to prepare the kayaks for the first competition day of the 4th Hobie Fishing European Championships powered by Lowrance & C-MAP.

Everybody got on the water quickly and ready to go. After the Dutch national anthem played, the oh so familiar horn blew and all competitors rushed through the starting line onto the Vinkeveense Plassen. They have to be checked in again by 3:00PM and can bring 3 Pikes and 3 Perch to the scoring table.

The first reports that are coming in are positive, quite a some anglers are already scoring fish. Axel Heinlein (Germany) hooks into a new PB (97 centimeters) Pike early in the morning. “It was the right time to catch this fish. With all the rain, I needed a boost.”


Around noon, the rain moved on and made space for some sunlight. Dennis “BomBom” Skou was working hard for a full bag. “I got two pikes and two perch now. I hope to those last two fish to get me in the top of the standing.”  He said hopefully.

Most anglers stayed around the check in area for the last hour just trying to upgrade their scorecard. Just before the check in rain and some thunder made all anglers come back to the check in straight away. After everybody got back safely, it was time to do the scoring.

“I struggled to get legal size perch. I caught a lot, but there was just one big enough.” Hervé Martin said. The results back up Hervé’s story. A lot of fish was caught today. 43 Anglers registered fish today. Mike Hendriks from Germany photographed the biggest fish today. A 100 centimeter pike landed him in 5th place totaling 119 centimeters. Dennis “BomBom” Skou ended up in the 4th position measuring 5 fish today with a total of 217 centimeter. Hobie Predator Open 2016 winner Tomasz Kurnik claims the 3rd place after day on with 218 centimeters. Albin Falk from Sweden ends up in 2nd place with a full bag measuring 243 centimeters.

Felix Frey from Sweden leads the ranking after day 1. He had a full bag with 300 centimeters of fish. “I had a good day, I have a good bag but it could have been better. I lost a couple of good size fish as well.” He said before the scoring was done.

Tomorrow will determine who will be the 2017 Hobie Fishing European Champion. Stay tuned.

Check out the result page for the complete standing.

Check out the photo gallery.

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Check out the photos of competition day 1 here.


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Check out the photos of pre fish day here.

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Hobie Fishing Team Member Ronald Traas from the Netherlands introduces the new official measuring device that we use in future Hobie events here in Europe. The board´s length is 130cm and it´s weight of only 1kg makes it easy to handle and measure big fish on your kayak.

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Daiwa prizesSeptember 1, 2017

Premium fishing tackle manufacturer Daiwa contributes to the Hobie Fishing Euro’s prize table. We are extremely happy and thankful for their contribution of the Daiwa PROREX XR and Daiwa PROREX A. Both were introduced at Efftex 2016. the PROREX XR was the runner up in his Best Product category. The PROREX A even won his category.


Prorex XR reels are designed for hunting predators. Their powerful mechanism is stable and secure in an aluminium frame and permanently protected by Mag Sealed. The accuracy and precision of DIGIGEAR ensures an optimized lifetime. The latest generation of ATD drag is composed of carbon discs to subdue the biggest and most powerful runs from Pike. The reel is supported by CRBB bearings to ensure continuous and smooth rotation during battle.

  • ATD drag technology with carbon discs
  • Bearings: 8 CRBB + 1
  • Aluminium frame and side plates
  • Spare spool supplied
  • CrossWrap line lay
  • One piece aluminium handle with high density EVA handle




The Prorex A reel was developed in close collaboration with the Daiwa Scandinavia team. With its large drive gear and aluminium frame the PX200HLA model is ideal for fishing with big lures. The 100 is more compact offering a closer grip in the hand for lighter lure fishing. The PROREX A has the latest generation of ATD drag featuring a special grease to enhance braking accuracy and smoothness. This reel offers an exceptional price / quality ratio and was awarded best new multiplier at EFTTEX 2016. There is no doubt that PROREX is the ideal partner to accompany you in your pursuit of that trophy fish.

  • ATD drag technology
  • Bearings: 5 + 1
  • Aluminium frame
  • Aluminium spool
  • Swept profile double handle with soft touch, non slip grips
  • Right and left hand wind

For more info about Daiwa products, check out: their website:

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Mustad Hooks, another sponsor of the Hobie Fishing European Championships powered by Lowrance & C-MAP is providing every participant with their all time favorite Mustad cap and their Mustad Tournament shirt, a fast drying technical fishing shirt with UPF30 sun protection. Mustad Hooks is also sending some more terminal tackle like Jig Heads and their Ultrapoint Fastach Snaps!

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Westin PrizesAugust 16, 2017

We would like to thank Westin Scandinavia for the amazing addition to the Hobie Fishing Euro’s prize package. Check out what they bring to the table:

W3 Powercast-T

The action and characteristics of these rods are designed to meet the demands of Scandinavian predator anglers. These rods are designed for fixed spool reels when fishing lures, shads, spinner baits or even live baits for huge pikes. They feature the finest Japanese ‘TORAY’ High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting.

  • Reel Seat: SKS Trigger
  • Guides: LTS ring guides
  • Blank: ‘TORAY’ High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
  • Premium EVA handle with rubber cork insert
  • Reinforced with 3K woven Kevlar

W3 Jerkbait

The main difference between this and the best jerkbait rods out there is the pricetag! With its high-performance carbon blank, this fella gives you all the muscle you need to bring in those monster pikes, all the delicacy you need to feel the take and all the style you need – at an accessible price.

  • Handle: Premium grade EVA handle
  • Reel Seat: SKC Trigger
  • Guides: LN-Frame
  • Blank: ´TORAY´ High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
  • Reinforced with Kevlar Carbon


W3 Finesse Jig

The ultimate rod for light-to-medium finesse jigging for perch and zander – and yet it’s also fantastic for dropshot fishing! You won’t miss a take with the high-viz orange tip indicator – you see it before you feel it – and when you strike, it reacts like lightning!

  • Reel Seat: SKS
  • Guides: LTS ring guides
  • Blank: ‘TORAY’ High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting * Premium EVA handle with rubber cork insert
  • Reinforced with 3K woven Kevlar
  • Orange high-viz tip


W4 UltraStick

The W4 UltraStick combines the three key attributes you want in a rod – its stiff, super sensitive and has a fast progressive action. The only problem with that is, you will never have an excuse to miss a bite again, and these rods are that good at bite detection. They’re not lacking backbone though – you can set the hook hard and extract large fish from cover and weed. Versatility is another terrific strength of these rods – they are just as adept with small and medium-sized wobblers as they are with soft lures.

  • Reel Seat: Fuji® SKTS
  • Guides: SeaGuide®
  • Blank: ‘TORAY’ High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
  • Premium grade cork handle
  • Custom made rubber gimbal, non-slippery
  • Reinforced with 90° Carbon
  • SNAKE hook keeper
  • Delivered in W4 Rod Case
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