A word from the winner. Florian Le Hetet says thanks!

Florian Le Hetet, the Hobie Fishing European Champion wanted us to share this with all of you:

Greetings to everyone,

I just want to write a short note to thank you a lot! I really had a blast with you all, I’m sorry that my English is really bad because it kept me from speaking with you but we understood each other with our eyes. You are all great people and scary competitors. Luck was on my side all these days, it’s nice when it happens!

I congratulate the organisation team who have been awesome without forgetting the different sponsors of this great event who spoiled me so big for this first place (like hobie, lowrance, savager’s, shimano, etc….)
I also want to greet here the French team because without them and their good mood, nothing of it all would have been possible. Herve Martin’s determination (from Savager’s) did bring us to the best of our capacities, and he did not hesitate to forget about himself to take care of the logistics and the the transportation of the material. 

Thank you very much to all of you!

This event was kind of magical for me and will remain so in my memory forever! 

Thanks Florian for these nice words and the best of luck in Louisiana, USA upcoming december.

Again congratulations!