7th Hobie Fishing European Championship. Lake Bolsena, Italy Sept 2020

The 7th Hobie Fishing European Championship will be held in Bolsena, Italy!

Latest news

Frédéric Portner (FR) wins the Hobie Fishing European Championship 2019!

Frédéric Portner is the brand new 2019 Hobie Fishing European Champion!!! After two days of tough fishing the French angler managed to catch 1 pike measuring 66 centimeters which was enough to leave the others behind him. Besides an amazing prize package Frédéric...

The vault called Lake Gruza

The sun creeping up above the hills slowly and almost 40 anglers that can’t wait to start the Gerber Gear competition day 1 of the Hobie Fishing European Championship 2019. After playing the national anthem of Serbia and the alarm of the megaphone, the anglers...

Lowrance pre fish day 1

Clear blue skies and the sun warming up the tournament arena… This was Lowrance Pre-fish Day of the 6th Hobie Fishing European Championship. Without any cloud at the horizon it was a tough day for the competitors. As everybody is new to this lake it meant pedaling,...

Welcome to Lake Gruza

“Stunning… gorgeous… absolutely beautiful…” These are just a few of the terms everyone who arrives at Lake Gruza uses to describe the tournament arena for the 6th Hobie Fishing European Championship held in Serbia. Lake Gruza, a drinkwater basin in the centre...

Felix Frey (SE) – “I’m aiming for the first place!”

A young talented angler with already a lot of tournament experience. Felix Frey is always a contender when competing in an event. The only thing missing is the win, but not for long if it's up to him! How did you get into kayak fishing? I’ve been kayaking my entire...

A Champion’s Insights

Micheal McGuire (Current Hobie Fishing European Champion) is busy with his preparations to fish the 8th Hobie Fishing Worlds in Australia's Gold Coast in July this year. We asked him how he prepares for tournaments and if he feels any pressure defending his European...

6th Hobie Fishing Euros

The 6th Hobie Fishing European Championship will be held at Gruža Lake in Serbia from September 13th -15th 2019. Anglers from over all of Europe will travel to the Balkan to compete for the Hobie Fishing European Championship title. Competitors of the 6th edition of...

Micheal McGuire (UK) is the 5th Hobie Fishing European Champion!!

The 5th Hobie Fishing European Championship is over. After two days of competition fishing, Michael McGuire from United Kingdom had the honour to raise the trophy during the Award ceremony. He collected 259 cm of fish qualifying himself for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 8...

Rapala Competition Day 1 – HFE 2018

Lac de Lacanau treated all competitors to a beautiful sunrise to start Rapala Competition Day 1. Whilst the angler were gathering behind the Power-Pole Starting line, the sun crept up from behind the trees across the lake. After 'La Marseillaise', the French national...

ALL NEW Hobie Outback

We accomplished the impossible – we improved the world’s #1 pedal fishing kayak to make it truly legendary. With the first major redesign of the best-selling Mirage Outback in over a decade, Hobie has single-handedly advanced the sport of kayak fishing. This...

Event information

The 6th Hobie Fishing European Championship will be held in the small municipality Knić and on the fabulous Lake Gruža in Serbia. Knić is a municipality situated in a valley surrounded by the – Rudnik, Kotlenik and Gledićke mountains. In the lower course of the river Gruža lies Lake Gruža – an artificial lake located southwest of the Knić. The lake was created in 1983 as a water reservoir for the city of Kragujevac and the surrounding settlements. Width of the lake is 300 to 2800 m, and its length is 10 km. The surface of this lake is almost 900 ha, and its average depth is between 3 and 30 m. making it the largest body of water in Central Serbia.

The lake shore is low, accessible, covered with meadows, foresters and low deciduous shrubs. On the left, Knic, side, there are sections of the stones and a little more coastline. The surroundings of the lake are pitiful: arable land, orchards, meadows and foresters mildly descend to the water. Thanks to its vicinity to Knić and Kragujevac, as well as its spaciousness. The lake is frequently used in fishing competitions.

Lake Gruža is known for its wide open spaces and numerous species of fish – Pike & Zander. But also Carp, Catfish, Prussian Carp, Grass Carp, Common Bream and many more.

Target species for the 6th Hobie Fishing Euros will be Pike & Zander.

13th September – Registration and Prefish day

14th September – Competition day 1

15th September – Competition day 2 and Award Ceremony

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